Hello World!

I will use this blog to share some of my insights on my research on disruptive business acceleration and business development efficiency.

But first who am I?

My name is Alexander, i am an 33 years old free professional business consultant. Coming from a diplomatic family I grew up very internationally and had the chance to experience a lot of different cultures from Asia, over the US to the Arabic Peninsula.

I have always been fascinated with entrepreneurs. People who, in the face of adversity motivate themselves to go one step further and get things done. People who build something that will outlast them.

With that motivation I founded my first venture together with my brother in school, producing high quality Rugby-Shirts and marketing material. After some time in the Germany Navy, studies in Germany and the UK, I helped to develop the first market study on the potential of bioenergy in Morocco. Being interested in the renewable energy and water treatment field I sooner or later ended up in the United Arab Emirates, where I became the Business Development and Project Manager for a local SME, specialized in off-grid Solar Energy and Water treatment. I was responsible for the development and creation of artifical oases based on solar-powered groundwater desalination.
Featured imageAfter my time in the desert I went back to Academia and did an MBA in General Management. During this time i fell again in love with entrepreneurship, especially with startups.
Being the COO of the Munich Venture Summit I got in touch with inspiring entrepreneurs and speakers.
Nice story you might say, but why did I research this topic?
I did an 8 months interim directorship at a global accelerator, after having already worked on a project basis beforehand in startup acceleration. I realized a few challenges in the entire process and asked myself if they could be improved.
So I focused the topic of my MBA thesis on that issue, together with the support of the global accelerator.

I will share some of my insights with you in the coming blogs…

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